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Jesus Gear - Anointed Slim Water Bottle

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Awake To His Face – Color Changing Mug

Jesus Gear - Awake To His Face – Color Changing Mug

Will Wake With My Song – Color Changing Mug


There is something so inviting to God when we lift up our voice and instruments to God, praising and worshipping him! Want to transform your atmosphere? Enjoy the gift of worship that soothes our souls, invites His light, and shoos the darkness. King David and his son King Solomon understood this powerful tool.

Wake up, my heart! Wake up, O lyre and harp! I will wake the dawn with my song. Psalms 57:8

And whenever the tormenting spirit from God troubled Saul, David would play the harp. Then Saul would feel better, and the tormenting spirit would go away. 1 Samuel 16:23

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This Color-Changing Mug brings a sense of wonder to your breakfast table! Changing color right before your eyes it brings a sense of fun and curiosity to those around you. A color-Changing mug is a perfect way to enjoy your favorite warm drinks in style!

.: White ceramic
.: 11oz. (0.33 l) and 15oz. (0.44 l)
.: Rounded corners
.: C-handle

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